We produce social justice documentary films with a focus on women, children and human rights.

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We are an award-winning independent film production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nayanaya Pictures produces films with themes in tune with South Africa, Africa and Global, political, educational, and socioeconomic realm and the world at large, and with a particular focus on women and children.

Our primary objective is to produce documentaries, television programmes, corporate videos and feature films.
Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children
Port Harcourt Treasure base of Nigeria
Foundation for Human Rights Corporate - 10 minutes
New Face New Voices - Graca Machel Trust - Zambia
Shouting Silent
CWP - Corporate Video
Foundation for Human Rights Corporate - 20minutes
New Faces New Voices - Graca Machel Trust - Uganda - 12 minutes
Projek Mandela
Ford Foundation Corporate Video
ABSA - 7 minutes


Xoliswa Sithole
as Producer or Director
Television Series
A Ribbon in The Sky
a one hr documentary on the effects of poverty on women with disabilities release (2009) MNET
Terror Mathebula 1st SA Black World Champion Boxer
Child of the Revolution a 70 minute documentary looking at Zimbabwe from 1970 -2010.
Shouting Silent

A one-hour documentary that looks at the plight of female AIDS orphans in South Africa.

nayanaya pictures (2000)
Projek Mandela
A 1 hour documentary
MNET (2010)
Standing on their Shoulders

The domino effect of the 1956 Women’s march and
women’s resistance in South Africa until present day.
Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children (2010)
BBC with True Vision
Orphans of Inkandla
BBC (2005)
A 90-minute feature documentary that chronicles the plight of three families in Inkandla, one of the poorest areas in South Africa, and the devastation caused by HIV/AIDS. BAFTA WINNER
South Africa's Lost Girls
A documentary about girls, dealing with poverty, sexual abuse,
service delivery, education in Port Elizabeth. Channel 4. May 2010 (with True Vision)
From Triumph to Transition
Mandela Man of our Times
Mandela Man of Peace - Pre-Production
Sheroes Women in Business
A documentary series about South African women in business

2017 nayanaya pictures
Sheroes Women in Sport - Director
A documentary series about South African women sporting champions (SABC 2011).

Film Awards

"Orphans of Inkandla"
"Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children"
"South Africa's Lost Girls"
"Shouting Silent"
British Academy for Film and Television Awards: BAFTA - Best Documentary Winner 2005
One World Media Awards in London Winner 2005
Best Documentary and Best Children’s Rights Documentary Winner 2005
International Emmy Nomination 2005

British Academy for Film and Television Awards: BAFTA Winner - Best Documentary 2011
Peabody Winner 2011
BANFF Winner 2011
47th Chicago Int. Festival ‘Gold’ 2011
Washington DC Int. Festival Best Documentary 2011
Washington DC Int. Festival Best Documentary 2011
British Academy for Film and Television Awards: BAFTA Nominee 2011
Best Documentary Washington DC: International Film Festival 2000



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