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Gender Film and Dialogue Festival

Increasing gender and race parity at all levels of the society in building better social cohesion.
During this pivotal time in the country’s history where we are experiencing serious gender and race backlash and social upheaval in the education and service delivery, we need better social cohesion and nation-building which can be facilitated by the arts in terms of dialogue and dialogue outcomes and workshops using film festivals to reach underserviced areas and people of our society
Yanaya Gender Film and Dialogue Festival – dealing with issues around gender and women’s issues in relation to society – showcases films mainly by women filmmakers looking at women and children’s issues around violence, silencing of women, and challenges women and children face.
While it is beneficial for women filmmakers to talk and engage with women and other members of society to conscientize them about protecting themselves and knowing what their rights are and how women and society can access the rights and make the constitution work for them, it is critical that society at large becomes involved in discussions pertinent to the subject through collaborating with the existing CBO’s and NGO’s initiatives that are effectively serving the course through advocacy and activism.
Films The Film Festival showcases are about 20 films of different genres from around the world, long and short form fiction, documentaries, animation and experimental films from different parts of the world but mainly from South Africa dealing with issues pertaining to Gender.
Yanaya Gender Film and dialogue festival has been successfully running for the past few years. In 2016 it took place in Kwazulu Natal and Free State it is always good that we have people responding to the festival in positive ways. The NGOs in the communities helping elaborate different matters.
We invite guests consisting of filmmakers, activists, NGO participants and community leaders i.e last year in Empangeni we had a chief come to our festival. The Filmmakers will participate in various aspects of the Festival i.e. Q & A sessions with the audience after the screening of their film/s, seminars, panel discussions . We envisage that these filmmakers will also attract a wide audience. The main aim is to create dialogue around ending violence against women and children in our society.

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